Nurturing The Future of Business
With Innovation

The Soloviev Group leadership team represents more than eight decades of combined expertise in sectors including agriculture, commercial and residential development and management, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate governance. With innovation as a guiding principle, its deep investment, intricate understanding of each business, and a streamlined structure provide partners and customers unrivaled dependability, responsiveness and returns.



Stefan Soloviev oversees the Soloviev Groups’ diverse portfolio of divisions, operating industry-leading companies in sectors including, but not limited to, Agriculture & Ranching, Transportation & Railroad, Energy, Hospitality and Retail, and Real Estate & Development. Prior to the formation of the Soloviev Group, Mr. Soloviev served as Executive Vice President of Soloviev Building Company. In that role, Mr. Soloviev helmed and managed all of the company’s existing and future projects.

An entrepreneur at heart, he is the founder of Crossroads Agriculture, an innovative, large-scale, fully-integrated farming and ranching operation based in Colorado, Kansas, and New Mexico, the only one of its kind. Inspired and informed by his work as a commodity trader in the early days of his career, as well as a lifelong love of farming, the company is now one of the country’s largest privately-held agribusinesses, and Mr. Soloviev is the 31st-largest landowner in the United States.

As the principal of the charitable Soloviev Foundation, Mr. Soloviev is committed to giving back to the communities in which the company operates, with a focus on youth, the arts, and cultural exchange.



In his role as Vice Chairman, Hayden Soloviev is a key advisor on development and growth across all Soloviev Group holdings. His previous positions at the company include Vice President of Public Relations for the company’s Crossroads Atlantic and Crossroads West. In partnership with his father, he is actively growing the Soloviev Group’s TK, while also guiding key efforts in the company’s residential division and its philanthropic initiatives. Mr. Soloviev is currently enrolled at New York University.



Michael Hershman is a global leader in corporate governance and compliance, mergers and acquisitions strategies and securities issues. Founder of the consulting firm the Fairfax Group, Mr. Hershman has more than 30 years of experience advising companies both domestic and international, including Soloviev Building Company, General Electric, Walmart, and Siemens. He was named CEO of the Soloviev Group in April of 2021.